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I was tagged in a thign omg

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 27, 2013, 4:17 PM
So :iconmegatoby: tagged me v-v i have to answer her ten questions and then ask my own to the ten people i tag bUT I DON'T KNOW TEN PEOPLE ON DA THAT HAVEN'T ALREADY BEEN TAGGED SO I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT DOING THAT.....

anyway, here's toby's questions 
1.) If you've watched Death Note, who should have succeeded L? Mello or Near?
2.) Weapon of choice? ;3
3.) Most frequently used website for you?
4.) Favorite game? (Could be anything..Video game, Board game, whatever..)
5.) Have you ever had really crazy cracked up dreams? Care to share any? ;3
6.) How do you feel about Homestuck? XD
7.) Are you a commoner?
8.) What is the most romantic thing? ;3 (In your opinion..)(Sorryiamahopelessromanticandlikeaskingtheseweirdquestionspft)
9.) Favorite song at the moment?
10.) What is your favorite kind of hat? 

And my answers
1) I actually think Near was a better L. While     Mello is very smart and has shown how             intelligent he is, i think he'd get in trouble due to his emotional states and blah blah 
2) If i could actually pick up a weapon.... idk i really like knives/daggers OwO 
3) tumblrtumblrtumblr
4) Murder tag. and p much any pokemon game. 
5) Oh god yes you dont even know. i have that really fucked up dream about black butler in my deviations if you haven't read it v-v pardon my shitty writing
6) I fucking love it. its one of my favorite things ever ahhh
7) IDK what this means but if its talking about how much of a peasant i am, the answer unfortunately is yes i am a poor ass fool
8) Oh god i dont know let me ask flavv.... (okay all i really want is to cuddle with people whether it be romantic or platonic but it makes me happy?? so idk)
9) Oh umm.... some Marina and the Diamonds song at the moment... Teen Idle or Oh No! (they remind me of Aradia and Vriska tbh)
10) cute crochet hats slngerhsgkjeg

    Okay... i guess that's all... i would tag if i            knew people but i dont so cries


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Yeah dats all folks~

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I moved accounts Mere~
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oh my gosh i've never been tagged with anything ahhhhhh
okay i'll try to do it asap :O but i dont know anyone else to tag that hasn't been already tagged..... except like, two people v-v;
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